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Folding a standard swivelCard

With the USB traces facing you, grasp the two ends of the card as shown and fold back. The USB region will flip out and create something you can insert into a USB port.

Inserting your swivelCard into a USB port

Grasp the folded swivelCard between your thumb and forefinger as shown. Insert into the USB port traces up, making sure you get the whole thing under the plastic ‘tongue’ that’s inside a USB connector (see video). The silver traces should contact the underside of the ‘tongue’ inside the USB connector.
Grasp card by the opposing corners shown (video). Fold back into USB stick. Folding any other way is NOT recommended. With a paper device as small as swivelCard mini, there are some interesting forces at work. We’ve found the method shown to work the most consistently.


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Oops, I think I broke it!

Folding swivelCard incorrectly or backwards can break the device. If that happens, simply tape it back together leaving the USB traces exposed and use it. It will still work if you haven’t damaged the part where the USB traces are printed.