About swivelCard

The swivelCard™ was conceived in 2008 at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas as Andrew DePaula sat in his hotel room thinking about his ID badge. He’d originally gone to the conference looking for cheap bulk thumb drives, but hadn’t found anything.

The actual RFID tag that inspired intelliPaper.

The actual RFID tag that inspired intelliPaper.

He noticed that his badge had a thin RFID (radio frequency identification) chip embedded in it. He figured that if chips could be made that small, so could USB storage. In two hours he had the basic concept of a paper USB product worked out.

This idea grew into intelliPaper®, where DePaula is founder and CEO. Starting in 2009, intelliPaper has created innovative paper USB products for industries like direct mail, advertising, and promotion.

These products combine plain paper with the added benefits of digital file storage, data processing and external communications with PCs, laptops, tablets and cell phones. intelliPaper has perfected the process of embedding integrated circuits directly into plain paper.

In essence, this technology can turn any piece of paper—such as a business card or direct mail flyer—into a combination USB thumb drive and wireless communication device.

“When we decided to focus on business cards, swivelCard was born…”, says DePaula. A swivelCard is a smart business card with embedded USB capability and built-in analytics. It comes with optional NFC capability, serialized QR codes, and standard or custom artwork.

Each swivelCard a customer buys has a unique digital number. Each card can be set to a specific URL destination such as a website, video presentation or even an online meeting. Cards come with full analytics right down to the single card.

If a swivelCard is given out, and the giver decides later that they’d rather have it point to a different URL, the change can be made remotely.

In August 2014 swivelCard’s $10,000 Kickstarter project reached its funding goal in the first 8 hours. By project close in early September, backers had pledged over $115,000. Rewards included sample packs of swivelCards, blank swivelCard stock, and a surprise hit, swivelCard mini. SwivelCard mini is a tiny, 1.125 by 2 inch, fully functional version of swivelCard that you can attach to things or use alone.

“In essence, our technology can turn any business card into a smart business card with USB capability and wireless communication. We believe our products represent a new media: providing the first paper-publishable business card that can seamlessly interface with computing devices of all kinds.”