Laser-engraved swivelCard mini

swivelCard personalization doesn't get any cheaper than this. These are our coolest cards yet!

Laser-engraved swivelCard mini

There's nothing else out there like a laser-engraved swivelCard mini! Stand out from the rest when you give people this diminutive calling card. They're small! You can fit three of them in the space of a regular business card.

The above picture is of an actual engraved card. Our lasers will etch the information you fill in below onto each card in the area denoted by the red box. Product will be customized exactly as shown (using the exact information you enter below). Text position, font, weight, size, lettering, kerning, and line spacing can't be changed.

Please fill out the form below with your information and click "Add to Cart". Be sure to review your text carefully prior to submitting it. We do not check for spelling or other errors. Also, please note the available space for each piece of text on the card when filling out the fields so that you don't enter too many characters and go over the edge of the card.


  • Any field may be left blank. If this is done, nothing will be printed in that space on the card.
  • Quantity is per group of 10 cards. Enter 1 for 10 cards, 2 for 20 cards, etc.
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Price: $39.00

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