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Try a Sample Kit of all our products for only $14.99.

Custom printed swivelCards

Make swivelCard your own. Create your artwork based on a template, upload it, and we’ll custom-print your set of 200 or more swivelCards. Each card features a unique QR code and optional Near Field Communication (NFC) wireless capabilities.

To get started, download the Photoshop or InDesign template. Please read the included instruction PDF carefully. The more closely you follow the instructions, the faster you’ll get your cards. Click below to purchase custom artwork swivelCards.

Prices start at $439 per box (200ct).

Box of swivelCards
Not quite ready for a custom order? Try a Sample Kit of all our products for only $14.99.

Bulk swivelCard mini or standard

Our stock swivelCards are available in bulk in various quantities. Bulk swivelCards are house-branded and have no personalization other than the unique QR code on each card. They are the least expensive way to try out our awesome technology. Purchase as few as 10 for as little as $9.99!

Bulk cards come with the same powerful back-end and individualized routing features all swivelCards have. Check out our Use Case videos for ideas on how this amazing technology can work for you.

Laser-engraved swivelCard standard or mini

Don’t want to get a full box of custom swivelCards? No problem. Get our stock swivelCards laser-engraved with your information. Pictures are of actual engraved cards. Choose swivelCard mini or the standard size. Click one of the buttons below to see a larger image.

Prices start at $39 for 10 cards.
Engraved swivelCard STD

swivelCard standard

Engraved swivelCard mini

swivelCard mini