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When will I get my reward?

As of Friday, December 5, rewards for backers that only chose swivelCard mini have shipped! That means about 1/3 of our Kickstarter backers are now taken care of. We’ll be excited to hear about your experiences. Custom cards have also started to ship as final artwork is complete, in order of Kickstarter pledge. If you haven’t interacted with Kaci yet regarding your artwork, or filled out your survey please do so. Exactly when you get your custom cards will depend on your place in line, whether your artwork has been accepted, and the status of our production queue. Rewards are shipping in the order they were pledged–that’s the only way we know of to be fair to everyone. You may contact us if you wish, and we should be able to tell you about where you are in line and give you an estimate of when you’ll get your stuff.
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Capacity and functionality details

The USB chip in our swivelCard has less than 1MB of storage, though the swivelCards don’t rely on very much of this space. You cannot add your own files to the USB chip as it is read-only. This has the added benefit of someone you hand a card to NOT being able to modify the intended behavior. Each chip has a unique ID, and that ID is used together with user registration to guarantee that the owner of the cards is the only one that can change them. I suppose our servers could get hacked, but then so can anyone else’s and they often do including the US government. We all work hard to keep that from happening of course.

We use SSL encryption and other industry standard tools and methods to keep private data private and safe. Traffic to/from our swivelCards and the Internet is standard HTTP over ports 80 and 443. We support most modern browsers, and our cards work great on both Mac and PC (Windows).

swivelCard presents itself to the computer as a mass storage device (USB flash drive), which holds a file named Double-click to launch.html. This file fetches the most up-to date redirection instructions upon opening with a standard web browser from our servers, according to the wishes of the card owner as configured in their swivelCard account.
If someone has opened the file from the USB and is not connected to the internet, they are presented a webpage that instructs to connect to the Internet and to reload the file in their browser.

NFC and QR in/on the cards are associated with URL redirection that is managed from the same swivelCard account – and can be global (all cards, please direct here), or granular (this card, please go here). The intent is that people would link their swivelCards to experiences online – and be able to determine how cards are being used from where and modify, customize, and extend these online experiences specific to each card (or group of cards) if needed. It’s really no less safe than browsing the internet, nor does it generate any different trafic. There is no client side software running beyond javascript as part of a standard HTML experience–no different than any other website out there.
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Does the QR code have to be on the back, or can it be on the front? Can it change positions on the back?

The QR code does need to stay in a specific position on the back of the card. This is part of the extremely precise design process that involves tiny electronic components; every piece of the design must meet exacting parameters so that your card comes out both looking great and working perfectly.
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Where do I download the artwork template for swivelCard after I’ve ordered custom cards?

Right here! We have two flavors: InDesign and Photoshop. Download the one you need by clicking the appropriate link. Please read the included instruction file carefully, and don’t worry about submitting anything until you get our survey. Additional instructions dealing with submission will be forthcoming.
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If everything is moving towards cloud computing, why bother with an old technology like USB?

At intelliPaper, we believe there is no substitute for the tangible. Including USB as a supported interface for connecting your audience to a digital experience gives your audience an additional option. Not everyone has access to NFC or QR. A recent study* indicated that only 19% of Americans and 15% of Europeans have ever used a QR code. That’s why we do it all: NFC, QR, USB, and print. It will be a long time before a majority have moved on to the point where it makes sense to ditch USB.

intelliPaper is also one of the only ways to physically hand someone digital assets stored in the cloud. Check out our recent tutorial on “loading” cloud hosted files onto a swivelCard.

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What if my environment prohibits using a USB device?

Our technology may not be immediately usable in every situation. Clearly, some environments require security beyond what most media can offer. Out of the box, swivelCard is identical to standard flash-based USB technology.
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If you can change the URL in realtime, what stops someone from re-routing you to a webpage that installs malicious software?

Only you as an owner of the cards can specify the destination of the cards. Your swivelCard account will set the destination for your cards in a similar way to how you can point a domain name to a server of your choice.
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Oops, I think I broke it!

Folding swivelCard incorrectly or backwards can break the device. If that happens, simply tape it back together leaving the USB traces exposed and use it. It will still work if you haven’t damaged the part where the USB traces are printed.
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How do I resell your product?

Those interested in reselling intelliPaper should contact us. We have staff who will gladly answer your questions.
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What do back-end team developers do?

Back-end Team Developers are backers of certain levels and above from our Kickstarter project in August and September who will give input and discuss features and priorities for the back-end software we’re developing to control your swivelCards. The exact features that will be released in our first version of the back-end have not yet been finalized. We would very much like input from our community on what they should be. We have our ideas, but we wish to make sure that what is provided works for everyone.

This is why we created the Back-end Team Developer reward. We would like input from a handful of people/entities with some skin in the game to help us create that first version of the web portal we’ll all use to manage our swivelCards.

We intend to run the project in a collaborative manner akin to an open-source project, though likely without access to the raw source. Kickstarter backers at the Team Developer tier will have access to discussions (likely through an email listserv) and will have influence (though not final say) on features to consider, add, and which priority, leading up to the first release, and possibly beyond.

We plan to be pretty open, because we want people with access to early builds to help us test, break, and polish the work in progress. At the same time, we also need to limit these conversations such that version 1 is polished in time. Team Developer backers would be part of these conversations, preview builds, feature discussions and priority assignments. We want to be careful to control feature fatigue and creep.
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Where can I purchase swivelCards?

All our swivelCard products can now be purchased through our Buy page.
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